Gelish Dip System Color Kit


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Gelish Dip Color Kit including Dipping Liquids & Coloured Dipping Powders

A flawless, lightweight, long lasting, soak off dipping system developed using cutting-edge technology from your favourite gel polish brand, Gelish! Odour free, no UV/LED light needed, safe and easy to apply and soak off! The Gelish Dip Color Kit is a great starter kit and includes all dipping liquids, a selection of dipping powders, and other tools needed for Gelish Dip application.

Kit contains:

  • Gelish Dip #1 Prep Natural Nail Dehydrator 15ml
  • Gelish Dip #2 Base Coat 15ml
  • Gelish Dip #3 Activator 15ml
  • Gelish Dip #4 Top Coat 15ml
  • Gelish Dip #5 Brush Restorer 15ml
  • Gelish Dip French Powder Clear As Day 23g
  • Gelish Dip Powder June Bride 23g
  • Gelish Dip Powder Scandalous 23g
  • Gelish Nail Surface Cleanse 120ml
  • 100ct Nail Wipes
  • Harmony 100/180 Buffer File
  • 2 x Bottle Caps
  • 6 x Replacement Brushes

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