Mediterranean 2 Hour Dark -Violet Base 1L

Mediterranean 2 Hour Dark -Violet Base 1L


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Mediterranean Tan is Miss Universe Australia’s chosen spray tan. Delivering exotic deep, dark colours combined with a luxurious exotic skin treatment, leaving you thinking you’ve spent a week in the Mediterranean.

The 2 Hour solution is scientifically proven to deliver darker results and faster development times. These revolutionary violet base solutions reflect your own individual skin tones and are guaranteed to never throw an orange colour

All solutions are in a certified organic environment, which makes Mediterranean Tan the only choice for ensuring all the best results for all your tanning needs.

Who is it Ideal for?

  • Clients in a hurry (i.e. need an immediate tan for an event in the evening).
  • Clients with naturally dark skin or those who want to look super dark.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 Hour ‘Wash & Wear’ Formula.
  • Violet Base- Dark Bronzers
  • Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin A, C & E to revitalise skin and provide hydration
  • Raspberry Vanilla fragrance

Size: 1 Litre

Instructions: This product is intended for professional use only and is designed for use in all HVLP/airbrush systems regardless of manufacture. Add solution to equipment per manufacturer instructions.

Results: This is a rapid tan, therefore it is recommended that the client should warm water wash after 2 hours. If you wish to achieve an even darker colour the rinse off time can then be 4 hours. Do not exercise or perspire excessively for 4 hours after rinse. For best results store solution in a cool, dark environment out of direct sunlight and heat. Manufacturer recommends refrigeration prior to opening, if possible.

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