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Radiant Red! For the ultimate look!

Intensive red hair colours are in this season! In the past clients have often not been completely satisfied with the result, because their new look was not harmonious. The hair was dyed in the desired red colour, but the eyebrows and eyelashes could not be matched to the new hair colour and were tinted with brown or pure black. For an ultimate look the eyebrows must be matched to the hair colour. In order to do so, use the new RefectoCil eyelash and eyebrow tint No. 4.1 red.

With Refectocil No. 4.1 red you receive a beautiful red colour. The tinting result is intensive when used on light blond to medium blond hair. A dark red is achieved on dark blond hair to medium brown hair and from dark brown hair on you achieve a chestnut lustre.

Instructions: Extended application time to 10-20 minutes! For a more intense colour effect lighten the eyebrows beforehand with Refectocil Blonde Brow.

Tip: For best results apply regularly. The tint can then absorb deeply into the hair and with each application the hair will be tinted more intensely and with increasing durability.

Size: 12 x 15ml

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