Jax Wax Coastal Banksia Strip Wax Carton ($18.95x 12)


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Coconut and Lime Fragrance

Smooth opaque formula with titanium dioxide and coconut oil.

Recommended for strong hair and delicate skin.


Synthetic Wax

These Australian wildflowers are easily recognised by their characteristic flower spikes and all but one of the Banksia species are native to Australia.  These evergreen flowering shrubs are found in a wide variety of landscapes from typical Australian bushland to rainforests to arid landscapes. Banksia blooms during the autumn, on the eastern coast of Australia, and spring on the western coast of Australia.  Jax Wax Australia’s Coastal Banksia Wax is as diverse as the plant itself as it is suitable for use across all areas of the body and in all climates.  Indigenous Australians used the Banksia flowers as a source of food, the flower-cones were soaked in water in bark or wooden containers and the nectar extracted to make sweet drinks.  Jax Wax Australia’s Coastal Banksia Wax is formulated for the most sensitive of skin and can be applied at a low temperature while remaining ultra-pliable and workable.

Size: 12 x 800g

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