Anesi Aqua Vital Gel Oxygenant 200ml


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Unique gel that oxygenates, protects, nourishes and stimulates collagen and elastin production for all skin types. This Gel can be used as a mask and is 100% oil-free. Can also be used with beauty equipment such as an ultrasonic spatula.


  • Minimizing skin dehydration.
  • Regenerating collagen and elastin fibres increasing the cohesion of cellular membranes, which become more resistant against free radicals and ageing.
  • Reduce redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematic properties.
  • Reducing tired marks and illuminating the skin tone to bring back its glow.


  • Oxylastil: Soy derivative that activates cellular respiration. It stimulates the absorption of oxygen by the mitochondria, so it can produce more energetic substances, essential for cellular activity.
  • Biodyne TRF: Biotechnological product that activates cellular respiration and boosts the action of Oxylastil as well as the efficiency of the active principles to which it is associated.
  • Algesium C: Radical free fighting properties. It firms and moisturizes thanks to its high content in Organic Silicon.


  • Manual application: As a mask, apply Gel Oxygenant over face and neck and let it set for 5/10 minutes. You can softly massage the Gel Oxygnant on face and neck until completely absorbed during the last minutes.
  • High frequency: Apply on face and neck and apply the orange mushroom electrode, which decongests and provides a soothing effect.
  • Micro-galvanic: (Anesi recommends Ramason Vita Skin) Select negative polarity and work with the electrodes over the gel for to improve the product absorption.
  • Remove excess gel with wet towels or cotton pads soaked in Lotion Aqua Vital.


  • 100% oil-free, ideal to ionize or use with beauty equipments.
  • Formula with high concentration of active ingredients that quickly decongest the tissues and help to reduce redness.
  • Radical free and firming action with Algesium C. It is 10 times stronger thanks to its cellular respiration activators.


  • 200ml

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