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Oily skin is easliy identified by its shiny apperance, especially in the T zone due to overproducing sebaceous glands. Oily skin needs cosmetics that help control excess oil build up without dehydrating or overstimulating the skin.

1. Cleansing gel that forms a thin and light mousse. Its texture is both refreshing and invigorating.
2. Cleansing and improving the skin in a few seconds.
3. Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of its ingredients to remove impurities while respecting the natural moisturizing* factor.

Cytobiol Iris A Complex:
• Iris Germanic Extract: This herbal plant is soothing and astringent.
• Zinc: An enzymatic and antiseptic regulator. Works as a co-enzyme helping to regenerate damaged tissues.
• Hydro soluble Vitamin A: Minimises atrophic activity, stimulating growth and cell regeneration, as well as protecting the epidermis.
Vidalys Oily Skin Complex:
• Laminaria Digitata Extract: Rich in trace minerals and pyridoxine (vitamin B6) making it an ideal active ingredient for oily skins. Slows down sebum reproduction, balances pH and soothes skin for it to heal quicker.
• Hydralphatine 3P: Moisturizing* complex containing three fruit extracts: peach, apple and grapefruit. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and alpha hydroxy acids (A.H.A.) for a toning, purifying and smoothing action.
• Glycerine, Led-glucitol and 1-2 Propane diol: They Increase the water retention capacity of skin cells reducing permeability and facilitating the absorption and penetration of other active ingredients.

Pour a small amount of gel on the palm of your hand. Add warm water and gently rub with the fingertips to form a mousse. Spread over face and neck. Then, gently massage with circular
movements avoiding contact with eyes and nostrils. Carefully rinse with a warm damp towel. Dry with a paper tissue. Repeat the whole process if the skin was heavily made-up. Apply Lotion Contrôle with a cotton pad.

• Leaves the skin perfectly clean, clear and with no shine.
• The fine, abundant mousse can be easily rinsed with warm water. Provides a gentle, refreshing sensation.
• The combination of purifying and sebum-regulating ingredients contributes to improving the skin condition.
• Long-term use neither dries nor disrupts the skin pH balance.
*Superficial layers of the skin


Size 500ml

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