Anesi Aqua Vital Exfoliant 200ml

Anesi Aqua Vital Exfoliant 200ml


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New generation exfoliating cream that combines the peeling action on the skin surface with Jojoba micro particles and with the Celldetox® detoxifying effect for an effective skin renovation.


  • Leaves skin free of impurities, softer and more luminous.
  • Stimulates the epidermis regeneration and safeguards its vital functions.
  • Improves the intra cellular water storage.


  • Jojoba micro-spheres: From vegetable origin, the micro-spheres full of Jojoba oil permit a soft and pleasant mechanic exfoliation.
  • 3D Hydra APS: Latest generation active ingredient for a deep moisturisation of the skin. Based on the properties of polarized water, this ingredient is capable of penetrating into the deepest layers of the skin, providing a 3D (dimension) hydration.
  • Celldetox®: Natural active ingredient with detoxifying properties. Boosts the cellular metabolic waste system, improves the skin texture and appearance for a younger and more radiant skin.
  • Oat Oil: Its particles absorb dust and cellular residues respecting the skin structure. Thanks to its phosphorus, it reduces water hardness for softening and relaxing effects. Prevents dehydration and protects the natural barrier from external aggressions as its composition includes lipids and water-absorbing substances.
  • Chamomile oil: Decongesting and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • DSH CN: Bio-technological mixture between Organic silicol and Hyaluronic acid with a great moisturizing, regenerating and restructuring action.


  • Apply a small amount of Exfoliant Aqua Vital on face and neck, avoiding the eye contour once every 2 weeks or depending on the skin needs. Softly massage with circular motions until the spheres disappear. Remove remaining product with wet warm towels and finish with Lotion Aqua Vital. Dry the skin well.


  • Ideal formula for all skin types.
  • Thin exfoliating beads from vegetable origin. Clean and remove dead cells in a gentle way and reinforce the detoxifying process within the tissues.
  • Accelerates the natural process of cellular renewal, the skin instantly regains its vital appearance.


  • Cream


  • 200ml

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