Anesi – Objectif Fermente Creme – Aminofirm

Anesi – Objectif Fermente Creme – Aminofirm


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Objectif Fermete, Crème Aminofirm will assist in firming and toning the skin which is essential for use in slimming and shaping treatments.

1. Scultps and tones the skin.
2. Strengthens the skins support fibres
3. Increases the skins elasticity to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

• Centella Asiatica: It offers elasticity and density to the skin.
• Collagen and Elastin: They are responsible for the principal base of fimrness in tissues.
• Organic Silicon: Repairs and boosts cell regeneration.
• Extracts of Soy and Milk: Of firming and tensing action that offers the optimal elasticity.

At the end of the firming treatment, massage product into the desired areas.

• It restores firmness and tissue tonicity
• It nourishes and repairs to avoid the formation of stretch marks.

Texture: Cream

Size: 500ml

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