Anesi – Lotion Desincrustant 500ml

Anesi – Lotion Desincrustant 500ml


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For all skin types

Formulated for all skin types that need hydration and oxygenation.

3D Hydra APS is a revolutionary ingredient consisting of magnetized or polarized water that produces rapid cellular hydration in 3 stages on the skin.

It is also enriched with Celldetox®, which increases the elimination of toxins accumulated in the skin.

This lotion helps comedone extraction on all skin types, even the most fragile.

  1. It helps extraction in facial treatments
  2. Purifies the skin and helps sebum regulation.
  3. Reduces oil and impurities.
  4. Protects the skin before extraction.
  5. Avoids dehydration
  6. Maintains the skin’s pH
  • Borax: Induces skin fat acids saponification, facilitating sebum extraction.
  • Bardana Extract (Arctium Lappa): Biannual plant that grows in mild regions, often used for its sebum-regulating and depurative properties, besides anti-bacteria and antiseptic properties which act against the micro-organism in the skin.
  • Ivy Extract: Astringent. Helps control the sebum secretion. It also has soothing and toning properties.
  • Oat extract: Prevents skin dehydration and maintains a protective barrier against the external aggressions. Balances the skin’s PH and soothes possible irritations.
  • Used during the Preparation phase in Anesi Treatments to facilitate the extraction process. Pour the Lotion Désincrustante in a bowl and moisten a piece of facial gauze in it. Protect the eyes with cotton pads; then cover the face with the moistened gauze. As an option, you can apply hot steam for 10 minutes to help open pores. During the vaporization, always keep the gauze moistened with lotion using a wet cotton pad. Next, proceed with the comedone extraction. After the extraction, we recommend the application of Gel Oxygénant as a mask. This lotion can also be used with an ultrasonic spatula to facilitate comedone extraction.

Size: 500ml

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